About us

Shiriki is an online platform that is designed to serve as an open “marketplace” for ideas, solutions, innovations and initiatives that are tackling various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ambition for the platform is to provide a catalogue of the numerous initiatives that are being undertaken by different stakeholders AND highlight ways in which those who are interested in supporting these efforts can contribute.

We also hope that this will also be a place where partnerships can be formed e.g. where techies with a particular idea of solution can plug into a community of expertise that can inform the design of the solution. Or an organisation with donated good can find a partner for distribution. By taking a local solutions lens we hope that this effort contributes towards the opportunity to boost local production, to keep SMEs open and to get people back to work.

We are building this as we go along and we are very very open to feedback on how this could be improved.

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